Our science

All aggressively growing solid tumors and metastastic develop necrotic cores (aggregated death cells) which cells died due to shortage of oxygen caused by poor blood flow. Besides this, necrosis is also induced by conventional cancer therapy like chemo-, immuno-, or radiotherapy. In case cells become necrotic their membrane loses its integrity which means the cytoskeleton of the cell becomes available. Coretag discovered a cyanine dye, a small molecule, which selectively binds to the cytoskeleton of the cell. Based on this binding moiety we developed a compound which comprises of the targeting molecule (cyanine dye), a linker (PEG) and a chelator (DOTAGA) which is produced under GMP standards and which can be labeled with different radioisotopes for both detection (imaging) and treatment (therapy) of solid Malignant tumors and metastases. Based on this unique discovery and improvements based on additional research, we build a strong patent portfolio which provides us protection in Europe, China and the United States. It is the goal of Coretag to develop a pipeline of targeted radiotherapies under the name of Actinocore for treatment of different cancer types and achieve marketing authorisation for both EMA and FDA.

Our necrosis platform