About us


Coretag is a pioneering oncology biotechnology company based in New York City and Basel, Switzerland. Our mission is to develop innovated targeted radioligands using our proprietary and patented “Necrosis Targeting Platform Technology”. This technology is based on the discovery of a family of cyanine dyes which specifically bind to necrotic cells and tissues.

Our groundbraking radionligands aim to revolutionize cancer treatment by serving as First-in-Class “Theranostics”, providing integrated solutions for diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of cancer.

Currenly, Coretag’s next milestone is being the First-in-Human (FIH) study of its lead candidate, scheduled for the second half of 2025. We have successfully completed the non- clinical ADME study and our CTMG CyanTag is adequately produced and stored, ready for future developments.

Our management team boasts extensive scientific expertise and a strong track- record in the biotechnology industry, positioning Coretag at the forefront of cancer research and innovation in targeted radiotherapy.

Join us on our journey to improve cancer care.

Our necrosis platform