Setareh Shamsili MD, PhD

Dr. Setareh Shamsili has taken the helm of Coretag at the combined role of CEO and CMO, since April 2024. A seasoned oncology life sciences veteran, Setareh brings more than 28 years of clinical oncology and drug development experience, at key and executive/C-suite levels, to Coretag. Dr. Shamsili has been instrumental both strategically and operationally, in successful fundraising activities, entering Nasdaq IPOs, and establishing strategic alliances, as well as moving forward the company’s’various assets from early translational stage, towards clinical success. Setareh is an MD, board certified in internal medicine with focus on oncology with a latest degree of Ph.D. in Oncology from the international Erasmus Medical University in Rotterdam, and a Global Strategic Leadership certification from University of Pennsylvania Wharton Business School, USA. Dr.Shamsili has served at the likes of Astellas Global pharma, Merus nv, Boehringer Ingelheim and more!

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Markwin Maring
Founder & CFO

Markwin Maring has over 35 years of experience as an entrepreneur and investor in private equity and public companies, with a focus on life sciences, medtech, financial services, and software development. After a career in marketing and communications, Maring co- founded the MeesPierson Informal Opportunity Fund in 2000 in partnership with MeesPierson Private Bank, followed by the Concordia Fund NV in 2007. These funds were invested in various companies across different sectors, including the medical imaging activities of Delft Instruments N.V. Since 2010, Maring has built his own investment portfolio, including the Dutch company Coretag IP, which discovered and patented a unique proprietary necrosis targeting technology. In 2019, Maring moved Coretag’s activities to Switzerland, becoming part of Basel’s excellent biotech ecosystem. To attract adequate funding for the next steps of clinical development, we are launching Coretag, Inc. as a public company.

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Dr. Karen Williams BSc, PhD
Head of Clinical Operations

Dr. Karen J. Williams is an innovative and dynamic leader with over three decades of experience in clinical research and drug development within the pharmaceutical and CRO industries. Her exceptional expertise encompasses oncology clinical research, business development, and strategic planning. Dr. Williams has managed 86 oncology clinical trials, spanning phases I to III, across a wide range of tumor types, including acute myeloid leukemia, breast cancer, colorectal cancer, and non-small cell lung cancer. Her therapeutic approach expertise includes cell therapy, CAR-T, cytotoxic agents, and monoclonal antibodies. At Pfizer Oncology, Dr. Williams was responsible for three new oncology compounds and achieved an NDA submission for axitinib. At Novartis Oncology: Managed five global oncology trials. At TC Biopharm: Director of Clinical and Regulatory Departments.

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Ermond van Beek PhD
Head of Pre-Clinical Operations

As a scientist Ermond van Beek has an extensive experience in the executing of in-vivo experiments and animal testing with a focus on Near Infrared Imaging. In 2011, while conducting contract research for Coretag, it was Van Beek who discovered the necrosis-binding properties of cyanines. This discovery laid the groundwork for the development of Coretag’s patented “Necrosis Targeting Platform Technology.” Over the past decades Van Beek has contributed to 45 different scientific publications focusing on imaging and necrosis targeting. After a 21-year career at LUMC in Leiden, Netherlands, Van Beek joined Coretag in 2016 as the head of pre-clinical development. In the coming years Van Beek continues to conduct pre-clinical research, aiming to contribute to the development groundbreaking new applications for both the imaging and treatment of cancer.

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