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Actinocore 177Lu Pipeline

Clinical trails
Phase I
Phase II
Advanced colorectal cancer
89Zr Diagnostic/177Lu Therapeutic
Small cell lung cancer
89Zr Diagnostic/177Lu Therapeutic
Non-small cell lung cancer
89Zr Diagnostic/177Lu Therapeutic
89Zr Diagnostic/177Lu Therapeutic
89Zr Diagnostic/177Lu Therapeutic

Actinocore 177Lu is a targeted radiotherapy for the treatment of solid tumours and metastasis. Before treatment with 177Lu a diagnostic PET scan with the 89Zr (zirkonium label) is applicable. This diagnostic scan is to detect and quantify the necrosis in the patient’s body as a preparation for the treatment with 177Lu with the goal to attack the living cells surrounding the necrotic bound cells with precision radiotherapy.

Coretag is focusing on the development of Actinocore for the treatment of advanced cancers which are non-resectable and which are difficult to treat with conventional immuno- radio- or chemotherapy. Coretag aims to solutions for treatment in situations where no other treatment options are left.

With the acquisition of Coretag Therapeutics AG, NDT Pharmaceuticals, Inc shall be converted in Coretag, Inc. With a private placement for generating sufficient funding, Coretag, Inc. aims to launch a multi-center phase I & phase II trial for five indications, which trial shall be executed in leading medical hospitals and it’s top PI’s in both USA and Europe. For more information about the progression of our development and our private placement, please subscribe:

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